Bleach Set 8 Blu-ray | Comrades English Dub

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The battle against the Arrancars continues. Just as Ichigo is on the verge of death, Kenpachi Zaraki steps in and takes over the fight with the Espada Tesla. And Byakuya clashes with Zommari Rureaux, the fastest of the Espadas, who is trying to finish off an injured Rukia. Will his Bankai be enough to defeat Zommari when he uses Rukia’s body as a shield?

Disc Set // 28 Episodes (196-223) // English Dub and Japanese Stereo 2.0 Audio // 16×9 Video // English Subtitles // Approx. 644 mins.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Art Gallery, Clean Opening & Endings, Interview with Chris Smith


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