Night on the Galactic Railroad Blu-ray (Dual Audio)

Night on the Galactic Railroad Blu-ray (Dual Audio)

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Night on the Galactic Railroad is adapted from the novel written by famous Japanese children’s author, Kenji Miyazawa.

Spoken Languages: English Dub & Japanese with English Subtitles.

What is true happiness? For Giovanni, the answer is as far away as the stars. Mired in hardship, the young kitten faces problems that should be unknown to someone his age. At school, his classmates mock and ridicule him, and after the bell rings, Giovanni toils at a job to earn enough money for bread. Then at home, instead of being taken care of by his mother, he must take care of her.

The sole bright spot is that of the Festival of Stars, where he hopes to run into Campanella, his only friend. When they finally meet up, however, it isn’t while looking up at the stars, but rather traveling amongst them… as the Galactic Railroad whisks the two away for parts unknown!

Born in 1896, Miyazawa grew up during a tumultuous time in Japan’s history, and his humanist sensibilities feature most prominently in this work. While the movie features delightful cat characters, the symbolism and deeper meaning of the film can touch the young and old alike. This story is one that every child in Japan must experience in school, and now, you can too!

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