Galaxy Angel X Blu-ray (Dual Audio)

Galaxy Angel X Blu-ray (Dual Audio)

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Galaxy Angel X contains all 26 episodes of the Galaxy Angel X TV Series directed by Shigehito Takayanagi. Episodes 1-8 feature an English dub, while all 26 episodes have Japanese audio and English subtitles.

The Angel Brigade is at it again and with this new set of adventures comes a brand new brigade member! On a humanitarian mission, the Angels visit a sick and dying girl. In an out-of-character move of compassion, the Angel Five actually recruits the ill Chitose Karasume. After the sympathy wears off how will the Angels react? Will they be the best of friends or the fiercest of rivals? Both!

Special Features: Clean Openings, Clean Endings, Live Concert Footage, Music Clips, GA Quiz Doubles, Normad’s Secret Meeting, Promo Clip, TV Commercial Collection.

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