Eden of the East Essentials Blu-ray (Dual Audio)

Eden of the East Essentials Blu-ray (Dual Audio)

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Eden of the East Essentials contains episodes 1-11 of the anime directed by Kenji Kamiyama.

Spoken Languages: English Dub & Japanese with English Subtitles.

Akira Takizawa wakes up naked outside the White House with no memories. He’s got a gun and a cell phone. He doesn’t remember the phone gives him access to ten billion yen and a woman who will grant any request. He doesn’t even remember he’s supposed to save Japan and will be murdered if he fails. Whatever he’s tangled up in, Takizawa’s in deep – and that’s not even scratching the surface.

Special Features: Director Kamiyama & Original Character Designer Umino Interview, Kimura (Takizawa) & Hayami (Saki) Interview, Directors Kamiyama & Oshii Interview, Art Director Takeda Interview Composer Kawai Interview, Promotion Video, TV Spot, Textless Closing Song, Trailers.

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