Aria the Origination Season 3 + OVA’s Blu-ray (Dual Audio)

Aria the Origination Season 3 + OVA’s Blu-ray (Dual Audio)

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Aria the Origination contains episodes 1-13 and 5.5 of the anime’s third season, directed by Junichi Sato, as well as Aria the OVA ~Arietta~ and episodes 1-3 of the OVA, Aria the Avvenire.

Spoken Languages: English Dub & Japanese with English Subtitles.

As winter melts into spring, Akari, Aika, and Alice continue to work hard to become Neo-Venezia’s top gondoliers. Aika starts to take on more responsibility around Himeya; Alice travels up the challenging canal near Hope Hill; even Akari spends a day working on a huge gondola called a traghetto! But there’s still so much to learn… and the final test to become a Prima, which once seemed so far off in the future, might not be so far off anymore.

Special Features: Cast and Director Discussions, English Cast Commentary, SATOJUN’s “Venice, I’m sorry!” Returns, Picture Dramas, Clean Closing, and U.S. Trailer.

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