Funimation to Stream Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle English Dub

Funimation announced on Sunday that it will stream the first episode of Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle English dub on February 22 (that today!). Kira Buckland will voice Princess Syalis.

About Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle:
The Demon Lord Tasogare’s castle is a dark and frightening place, filled to the brim with various monsters. Any soul unfortunate enough to be imprisoned here is sure to be terrified by the horrors within. However, the human princess Aurora Suya Rhys “Syalis” Kaymin is a different case. Rather indifferent to her situation, Syalis worries about one thing and one thing only—sleep. Ever since the demon lord kidnapped her from her kingdom, she has not had a single good night’s rest.

To alleviate her dozen dozing issues, the princess makes do with what she can find in the castle. Whether it be the fur of fluffy demonic teddy bears or the silky, blanket-like bodies of ghost shrouds, everything is but a means to ensure a peaceful slumber. With so many potential materials to craft items that can help her sleep at her disposal, nothing will stop the sleepy princess—not even death.

Source: MyAnimeList

Source: Funimation


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