Funimation Streams One Piece Stampede Film for 60 Days

Funimation announced on Wednesday that it will stream the One Piece Stampede anime film on its service for 60 days, starting on Friday. Funimation also revealed that it will begin streaming the English dub of episodes 575-587 of the One Piece anime on June 2, which will mark the dub’s return on the service.

Funimation screened the film in the United States and Canada with English subtitles and English dub on select days in late October and early November. Funimation describes the film’s story:

Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat pirate crew are invited to a massive Pirate Festival that brings many of the most iconic characters from throughout the franchise to participate in a competition with the Straw Hats to find Roger’s treasure. It also pits the Straw Hats against a new enemy named Bullet, a former member of Roger’s crew.

Source: Funimation


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